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Hydroponics Deep Flow Technique system (DFT)

At first hearing hydroponic system does look very complicated, but after the study it turns out this planting system is very simple and easy to practice. Well the following dft system requires a power supply to circulate water into the tang-gutters by using the pump and to save electricity usage, we can use the timer (to set the life time and die pump). For example in the morning pump live and afternoon pump dead, so on.

Excess DFT system
The advantage of this hydroponics technique of dft system is that when the electric current flows off then the nutrient solution is still available for the plant, because in this system into the nutritional solution reaches a depth of 6 cm. So when there is no nutrient flow there is still a nutritional solution available. While for the deficiency is the dft system requires nutrient solution which is more dibandikan with system NFT (Nutrient Film Technique).
The development of cultivated plants using the dft system can grow well and have a better quality of fruits / vegetables compared to conventional methods.

Types of Plants
Some plants are often grown hydroponically, are vegetables such as choy, broccoli, mustard, kailan, spinach, kale, tomatoes, onions, even strowbery, etc.
The working principle of the hydroponic system dft is to circulate the plant nutrient solution continuously for 24 hours in a closed flow circuit. The plant nutrient solution in the tank is pumped by the water pump to the planting tub through the pipeline irrigation network, then the plant nutrient solution in the planting tub is flown back to the tank.
So little discussion of hydroponics deep flow technique (DFT), hopefully useful and hopefully try.

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