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Pests And Diseases On Caisim and Pakcoy Plants

Did you know the constraints on planting Sawi Caisim and Pakcoy crops? Usually consists of several types of pests and diseases that become a burden in the minds of farmers. As I will discuss this time, there are several types of caterpillars and some types of diseases that interfere with the growth of this mustard plant, well for you who need info about pests from this plant please read to the complete well let all of it clear. Pest and Disease in Plant Sawi

1. Caterpillar Grayak (Spodoptera litura and Spodoptera exigua) 
The caterpillar that has a dark brownish green color with black spots on each segment of this body is measuring more than 15 to 25 mm, but very annoying, serengan This one worm that occurs on the leaves of mustard greens, so no wonder if the mustard leaves will be hollow, and this caterpillar attack usually occurs in young leaves, and for its solution is by spraying using insecticides such as: Matador 25 EC, Curacron 500 EC and Buldok 25 EC.

2. Caterpillars (Agrotis sp.) 
Caterpillars who are afraid of the sun often damage the young mustard plants new in the fields, the caterpillar is brown to hitaman, this caterpillar attack is usually done at night and attack from The caterpillars of this land is not always alias little by little, then it is necessary to do prevention before planting the mustard that is by doing sanitation lan, if it is attacked as well as its soon to do eradication with insecticide in the form of granules then in the sowing beside mustard plants The.

3. Leaf Miner (Liriomyza sp.) 
Leaf miner is still a kind of insect, if you see the surface of the mustard leaves brownish yellow spots, it means a mustard plant agan studied with this one insect, for how to damage this one insect with the Spread its eggs on mustard leaves, and its larvae will enter the leaf and germinate it, and the brownish brownish spots are the pathway where the larvae feed on its leaves and flesh, and its eradicating insecticides are Trigard 75 WP and Proclaim 5 SG.

4. Gada Root Disease (Plasmodiophora brassicae) 
This disease usually attack the yard of the plant, well if you find or see mustard plant looks wilted during the day and fresh in the morning it means plants have been attacked by this disease. And for this one disease has not been found his drug or the solution.

5. Caterpillar Damage Leaves (Plutella xylostella) 
This one caterpillar is very like shoots of mustard plants, so do not be surprised if the top of the plant will be hollow and mustard plants will not grow properly because the buds are disturbed by this one, the characteristics of one caterpillar This is have a light green body color and a maximum length of 10 mm, as for how to cope with that is by spraying insecticides such as: March 50 EC, Proclaim 5 SG, Decis 2.5 EC and Buldok 25 EC.

6. Leaf rot disease (Phytoptora sp.) 
This one disease is usually caused by one of the planting season, which is in the suggestion kan kalaun planting mustard in the rainy season, because the impact of the leaves become rotten, and this is caused by the condition The weather is indeterminate, or because it rains a day that follows a very hot weather, if it has already planted, the solution is: spray with the right fungicide ie Bion M 1/48 WP, Topsin M 70 WB and Kocide 60 WDG.

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